The beginning of Yoga

I’m not new to yoga, it’s been off and on for a number of years.  I’ve been practicing yoga for probably 6 out of the last 11 years.  I had a fabulous teacher, Sandy Carmellini, but 4 or maybe 5 years ago, she decided to make less of a carbon footprint and stayed closer to home.  She eventually opened up Brentwood Yoga Studio.

I stopped going after she left the area and decided on a home practice.  You know how it goes, you’re all enthusiastic at first, but then it wanes when other things take priority.  So I wasn’t practicing much and this last summer, I picked up the practice again.  Yes, at home doing DVD’s.  I knew that I loved it just like before, but for me, I really need to go to class at least once a week.

This summer, I was going to visit my Dad out near Stockton, and I stopped by Sandy’s place for a class one Friday morning.  The love affair started all over again with yoga.  It was the first time I had seen Sandy since, well heck I can’t really remember but I’m guessing it has been more than four years.  She hadn’t seen my hair short yet and I cut it off in April 2008, so it had a been awhile to say the least.

As much as I love Sandy’s new (to me) studio and her style of teaching, I knew the trip to Brentwood would be periodic so I asked her for a recommendation.  I really wanted to make yoga part of my life again and I know how important it is to find a teach that you really love.  Sandy recommended Diane Valentine at Yoga-Movement and the next chapter in my love affair with Yoga began.

I went to my first class with Diane in November and then I enrolled in the teacher training program. It started last weekend, March 17 and 18.  I am so happy to be there and I am so happy to finally follow my heart.

Yoga, I’m hoping, will give me the opportunity to teach others about health.  Health has always been so important to me.  I know people can improve themselves by eating well, and moving well.  But yoga is so much more than that.  It is truly a way of life.

In my other life, as an insurance broker, I wrote about healthy habits and how it can save you money.  Maybe not your premiums, but if you choose to be healthy, you may not need all those prescriptions and you may not need to go to doctor so much.  It was my way to talk about health but I felt it had fallen on deaf ear and my readers were thinking blah blah blah as I wrote from my heart.

So here I am again.  I hope to inspire others as well as myself as I go through my training.  I’m not sure where I will end up (actually I do know in a long-term sort of way) but I’m talking about the immediate future.

I plan on sharing the parts of yoga and things you can think about in your daily practice of whatever it is you do.

Thanks for reading this entry from my heart.



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