Yoga – My First Homework Assignment

I haven’t had to do any kind of homework in a long time.  Part of my yoga teacher training program includes homework, along with a daily home practice.  During my weekend class last month, the students were given a homework assignment.

I’ve been a yoga practitioner for a few years, but the homework is pretty intense at least for me.  I actually have to think.  It’s not just memorizing things to pass a test.  I really have to understand this if I want to teach yoga to others.

I handled the reading exercise well, although the subject is anatomy which is quite new to me. But the next part stumped me.  Applying the Eight Foundations of Asana to an asana that I choose.  (Asana in the Sanskrit word for pose and I use them interchangeably).

I had a hand out from class on the subject, but I needed more information.  I googled “Foundations of Asana”, but I couldn’t find anything.  There were lots of information about the Eight Limbs of Yoga, but not Foundations of Asana.  Next I went to the resource that all of us in the yoga world use, Yoga Journal.  Nothing!  I came back with nothing at all.

Next I went to my two instructors, Dennis Eagan and Diane Valentine.  I wondered if I’m just not very smart in understanding this stuff or is the rest of the class waiting until the very last day to do their homework assignment.  In my other business as an insurance broker, I can do stuff at the last-minute.   I know that business and I have systems in place to do things quickly.  But I really don’t know as much about yoga as I thought I did.

Dennis and Diane are a fabulous team of teachers in my program and both have helped me to understand my homework assignment a little better.  I want to be really good at this, not because I don’t want to disappoint my teachers, but because I want to do a good job and help people with their health.  Here they are, the eight Foundations of Asana:

  1. Proper Preparation
  2. Sukha and Stira
  3. Integrity of the Spine
  4. Freedom of the Breath
  5. Integration of Muscular Energy
  6. Organic Support
  7. Dynamic Opposition
  8. Balance Yin and Yang.

Should I publish my paper on my blog after I write it?  Would that be a good thing or a bad thing?

Let me know what you think.


4 thoughts on “Yoga – My First Homework Assignment

  1. I really would like to read your paper when you are finished with it!! I think it is a good I’d to post it!

    • This is so true. You really need both a teacher and you need to teach yourself. I wouldn’t start off by myself. A student needs help with alignment and learning to breath and so on, but a student becomes her own teacher at some point. I go back to my teacher all the time and ask questions.

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