I’m a Yoga Teacher!

I just taught my first yoga class on Friday evening.  It was a community class which is donation based and gives teachers in training the opportunity to try out their teaching skills.

A graduate from the last teacher training school, Kelly Doughty, is running the program, but he had an emergency and he asked me to step in.  WHOO HOO!  My first opportunity.  Of course I said yes and then I got to work.  I modified a sequence I had put together for a class assignment recently and then I practiced it of course, all the time talking out loud to my cat Star, like she was a student.

Star loves Yoga

Star loves Yoga

She was actually sleeping in the next room, which was okay since I didn’t really need her looks (like why would you do a Downward Facing Dog? and why is the Cat Pose described as angry cat?).

I had a lot of work to do in my other job that day so I didn’t have time to do the sequence over and over again in the obsessive way that I tend to do.  I did however, manage to email a few friends and invite them to class.  I sent a text to my neighbor because I know she likes yoga, and I’ve seen her dog, Maximus, actually do Downward Facing Dog!

Class time rolled around and I was so happy that I actually had five students.  My friend Sharon Rettig came to my class (she’s been wanting to try yoga), my classmate Rebecca and husband John showed up too.  Then, my neighbor Joanne and her husband Justin arrived (Maximus waited in the car).

Maximus does yoga too

I started the class with a mini meditation.  It was supposed to calm me down, but I kept staring at my watch!  Next I explained what I had in mind for the sequence, starting with hip openers, moving into standing poses, then twists and finally Savasana.  I remembered to ask if there are any injuries that I needed to be aware of but no one said anything.  I wonder if I should ask individually next time instead of the whole group.  Well, at least I remembered to ask!

I actually think I did a pretty good job, even though I worked off a piece of paper.  I demonstrated the poses and even did a little story telling when it came to the Virabhadrasana poses.  I showed what the full poses should look like and then I gave options with blocks and even used the wall as a prop.  I think Diane Valentine and Dennis Eagen would have been proud.  I had fun and I wasn’t too nervous.

I think I have really found myself.  I can’t wait for more opportunities to teach.

If you are interested in attending, come to the studio and see for yourself.  Friday evenings, 6 to 7 pm, 1379 Locust Street, Walnut Creek, CA.


4 thoughts on “I’m a Yoga Teacher!

  1. Lois did a great job teaching her first class! She met the challenge of having a wide range of skill level in the class.The community class is a great opportunity to take classes from a lot of different teachers. Thanks Lois…….See you next week! Rebecca

  2. Lois, you did a great job on Friday night. I liked the story telling of the warrior who cut off the father’s head and was glad to hear that the head was later reattached!!! Hope to see you next Friday.

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