Yoga Teacher Training, the adventure continues!

Yesterday, I took a yoga class from my teacher, Sandy Carmellini, who owns Brentwood Yoga Center.  Sandy has a 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training course that is scheduled to start in April.  I am all signed up and ready to go.  My plan is to complete my Ayurveda Wellness Counselor program by the end of March and leap right into the second leg of my Yoga teacher training.

In my discussion with Sandy, I learned that there is a requirement to have a journal for the home practice.  As I learned in my first yoga teacher training program with Diane Valentine and Dennis Eagan, the home practice is where you learn the most.  I encourage the students who come to my class to have a home practice since it is quite enlightening!

So now you know I love the home practice idea, but journaling makes me a tad bit nervous from past experience (never mind the details, it was more than 30 years ago and I need to get past that).

So of course I thought, what if I journal with my blog.  A blog is kind of journal anyway, your thoughts and perspectives on the topic of your choice!

Even though we haven’t started the yoga teacher training program I thought I would get a head start and post a few blogs about my home practice.

LIght on Yoga, B.K. S. Iyengar

LIght on Yoga, B.K. S. Iyengar

I’m using Light on Yoga by B.K. S. Iyengar.  In the back of the book Guruji (aka Mr. Iyengar) has a practice schedule in Appendix I, split into different courses.  Course One contains Asana practices for weeks 1 through 30!  Most people use this wonderful book for the explanation of the asana, but the practices in the back of the book are wonderful.  I do tend to re-order the asana’s when I use a course in my yoga class, just for flow purposes, but when I practice on my own, I tend to follow the sequence as listed.

Let’s just see if this journal idea works out and hopefully Sandy Carmellini won’t mind an electronic version.  She can always comment below!


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